James Blackwell: The Native Grid II

Art speaks to us without words. Sometimes those words need a translator, or at least someone versed in the particular idiosyncrasies of the dialect. In contemporary art, it is unusual to find work… Continue reading

A few words from Guest Editor Caterina Leone …

A post of the Australian Ceramics blog about my recent stint as guest editor of the EMERGING issue.

Warwick Fuller catalogue introduction

This will appear as the catalogue¬†introduction for Warwick Fuller’s upcoming exhibition at Lost Bear Gallery, Katoomba. The show opens on October 4, 2014. … Warwick Fuller has painted the Australian landscape for over… Continue reading

Kayo Yokoyama catalogue introduction

I was pleased to be invited to write the catalogue introduction for glass artist Kayo Yokoyama’s exhibition at Lost Bear Gallery, Katoomba. This also appeared in ‘Discover the Blue Mountains’ magazine, September 2014.… Continue reading

Review of 12.06.14 at Home@735 Gallery

The works currently exhibited at Home@735 gallery, under the exhibition title 12.06.14, seem to have been selected not for an overarching curatorial theme, but for the simple reason that the gallerist and curator… Continue reading

Making Ground: Blue Mountains as Material

Sometimes writing about art is difficult, sometimes the words flow more quickly than tears when watching The Notebook. Hopefully, the latter occurs when the work is intensely inspiring, as was the case when… Continue reading